On The Run

15 Aug

My Man and The Boy Hiking

Yesterday was a kinda busy day for me in the “active” world. My Man wanted to go for a family hike, and so, I decided I’d skip out on my group TNT run and go with him early in the morning. We had a nice 2 mile hike and enjoyed the cool weather. I’m always a bit on edge when we first get out there…always afraid we’re going to see a bear, I don’t like getting my feet wet (the only way he hikes is through the stream, where he fly fishes), I don’t like bugs, my list could go on. But after a little while, I start to relax, and really enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. Yesterday we had my mother in law with us and she had taken the kids up stream a little bit to swim (they are crazy!) and I just sat and was in awe of God’s amazing earth! When you really stop and look, it’s amazing to me all that He’s created for us to enjoy, and so often we don’t even look up….

When we got back from the hike, I was feeling pretty good and decided I’d go for the scheduled 4 mile run in the afternoon. I headed out at about 5:45 (August has finally hit us in So Cal~ it was HOT!). I was looking forward to this run, this distance put me back on my usual loop. I was feeling a little bit sore from the hike, and HOT so I took it easy and made sure to bring a bottle of powerade along with me. I turned the corner for my hill, and up ahead of me was this sweet old lady. I caught up to her and started chatting. Found out she was 65 and had been running for 37 years! I was in awe! What an inspiration!  She was funny too~ she said she took a 2 month break at one point cause she got burned out and now she only runs 5 days a week instead of the 7 she was doing  (umm….if I had been running for that long, I think I’d have taken a lot more breaks!) But she got me thinking, she was 28 when she started running. I’m 28 and just getting back into running. I hope when I’m 65 I’ll be able to tell some young whipersnapper the same thing. After I went on my way I was kinda bummed I didn’t catch her name. But, I guess if she’s been out there on the roads that long, I’m sure I’ll find her again one day.

Anyone inspire you in your running  journey?


One Response to “On The Run”

  1. Zaneta August 16, 2010 at 10:05 am #

    That is awesome that you got to chat with her! How inspiring! I hope I will still be running 40 years from now! 😀

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