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Surf City Half Marathon Review Part 1

15 Feb

FINALLY I am taking a minute to post my latest race review~ My intentions of sitting down and blogging on Friday where thwarted by my BIC Bands business. I was blessed with orders, and my goal is to get the product to the clients as soon as I can… so… here we are!

Let’s see… let me start at the beginning. I drove down to Huntington Beach on Saturday to hit up the expo. It’s about an hour and a half to two hour drive for me, depending on traffic. I was being a good runner girl and hydrating the whole way down, rocking out to my new play list and then it hit me….. as I was sitting in good ‘ole Orange County traffic… I had to Pee (sorry to be blunt~ I know my grandpa reads this… but no other way to put it!!! lol) After getting out of the freeway traffic, I got to sit in traffic to get into the expo. ONLY to find out the parking lot was full and was shooed away! (I thought I was about to die at this point!) I had to pull into the state beach parking lot, and had to pay $15 for parking (I know California is broke, but geesh!! that’s ridiculous!) I RAN to the nearest restrooms, only to find out they’re locked (again, CA is broke… so only a few are open….) AFTER finding a usable restroom, I was off to get inline and wait to get into the expo. The line moved quickly, and I was soon in. My friend Heather was waiting inside for me with the number I’d be racing with.

As if I wasn’t already slightly annoyed with the expo so far… to get your bibs, they sent you to the back of the tents. It was packed, hot and stuffy, and I felt bad for the vendors that were along the lines. Once you got your bib, you’d a been a fool to try and get back over to that area~ just a mad house.  Another thing~ non of the “official race help” really knew what was going on. They kept giving wrong info (go get your timing chips checked over there…) and the expo tent was just way too small for an even that size. Or at least, put the bibs up front so you those that wanted in and out could do just that.

I did however, enjoy shopping the various booths. (I’ll actually BE at some expo’s later this year… more info on that in a later post…) There is definitely an excited “vibe” in the air at the expo~ it definitely get’s you pumped and ready for the next day. While shopping, I hit up the RunningSkirts.com booth (big surprise, huh?!) and bought me a new skirt. I ended up with the Haute Pink Ultra Skirt. While visiting the booth, they had superstar runner Dane Rauschenberg signing his book. Don’t know who he is? Don’t stress it! I didn’t either (but hey, I’m still a bit of a newbie to this running thing and really don’t know many of the “BIG” names….) Dane ran 52 marathons (all under 4 hours) in 52 weeks! CRAZY! I did purchase his book and I’m currently reading it. Dane was super friendly, and chatted with Heather and I a bit. In chatting, he asked what time we were looking to get and I told him I wanted to break 2 hours. He then asked if I wanted advice on how to do it. (My thought process at this moment: “Someone who knows what the heck they’re doing wants to give me advice? SHOOT! Of COURSE I’ll take it!) Dane said that the secret to getting my time was to go out slower. Keep my pace at 9:15 for the first 5k and then after that pick it up to 9. Instead of putting it all out there in the beginning, save it for the end. Makes sense, right?

My friend Heather that I run with is an AMAZING photographer (seriously, if you live in or around Salt Lake, hit her up!~ I think my Baby girls newborn pics from 4 years ago are still on her site…) BUT, we didn’t take hardly any pictures =( . We did shoot one shot at the expo.

I met this guy while waiting in line to get our bibs. Don’t laugh~ I don’t remember his name… but he happened to be in front of us for this photo op~ Heather and I also took the pic~ but it was one of the official race shots.

After the expo, Heather and I checked into the hotel and headed out to dinner. We knew we wanted to carb overload and asked the front desk for some ideas. We headed out with a map in hand, pulled into the parking lot and after walking up we quickly realized we were under-dressed for the fancy restraunt… should have realized there weren’t many other Ford Explorers in the lot… lol!

We ended up at Maggiano’s and to forgo the hour and a half wait, snuck a seat at the bar. Had some yummy Baked Ziti and even took home some lasagna for later (that was cool!).

Tucked ourselves in for the night after laying out all our race attire.

I’ll post next about race day, but for now I gotta run. My family is looking at me like they are starving….


Gotta getta Garmin…

11 Feb

This past weekend I ran with my friend Heather~ who also PR’d at 1:51:55. GREAT time! Heather got a new Garmin 405 recently and brought her old 205 along in case I wanted to try it out during the run.I was a little leary at first~ my last run I did I threw a few “new” things into the mix and it totally threw me for a loop (i.e BAD run!). After getting a quick introduction to how easy it is to use, I decided I’d go for it… and I’m SOOO glad I did. I know I haven’t posted the full race recap yet (waiting to get the pic’s all in order) but I was really disapointed that Surf City didn’t have a single clock out on the course. When I ran the LA R&R I could judge my time a bit at the various mile markers ~ but Surf City didn’t have a single one!

The Garmin told me not only how long I had been drudging running through the course, but also my current pace. I was given some expert advice (wait for the recap…) to keep my pace down for the first three miles (9:15) the first 5k and then pick it up to a 9 min pace after that. I wouldn’t have had the slightest idea what I was doing had it not been for the Garmin. And with it’s help, I was totally able to meet beat my goal!

So now I really gotta getta garmin… thinkin I’ll get the 405 ~ I’ll keep you posted how that works out. (I have been all over ebay the past few days…so I should have good news soon!!!)

PS Heather’s a blogger too! Check out her review of her new Garmin HERE!

Me messing with my borrowed Garmin~ Note to self...smile at the nice photographers on the course....

Packing for #2

5 Feb

It has been a HECK of a few past weeks…3 birthdays, vacation, training, BIC Bands has become a bit of a big thing, LIFE>…. I was telling myself at one point, I wish I had a pause button on life that I could push, run around catch up on everything, and hit play again. Wouldn’t that be nice? Ah, but alas, God didn’t make life that way…

Here we are, the day before my SECOND half marathon. When I last posted I was asking about if I should run with the hubs or my own race… well, shortly after that he experienced his first running injury and has bowed out of the race. Poor guy! His ankle is giving him a heck of a time, and he doesn’t want to hurt it~ it’s starting to feel better, and I can tell he’s wishing he was running this weekend.

Instead of running with my Man (next time Hun!!) I’m going to get gutsy and run with my friend Heather whose out from Utah to race. She’s a little faster than me (I ran 2:03 at LA) but after comparing our training runs, I think we’re going to be a good fit. I’m also ready to let her speedy legs take off so I don’t KILL myself if need be.

So, I’m sitting here packing and I’m second guessing so many stinkin’ things.. do you get like that? When I ran all my training runs, I just grabbed my clothes and headed out. Now I’m thinkin, what about the sports bra… which one do I like the best, what about this, what about that… UGH! I’m driving myself nuts! I think hubby’s gettin annoyed too! But I think I’ll take his advice~ just go with what you always did. I’m not changing anything up… except for that new skirt that’s going to match my new BIC Bands tank I had made… But I already run in those…

OK~ I gotta get the kids some clean clothes before I head out for a fun weekend, so I best be running….haha! that was funny!


Procastonator FAIL

3 Jan

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a last minute person in more ways than one. Sometimes my “loose” schedule has come to my advantage. Today it has not.

I have mentioned how I’m training for my second half marathon and I was really hoping to talk My Man into it too so I was holding off registering for the race (mind you a good friend of mine is coming in from Utah to run this race-she already registered). Well, after dinner I was chattin with my hubby and he’s just not into the whole race thing. He’s just running to run and enjoy it. So I decided I’ll go sign myself up. Hoped online only to find out that it’s SOLD OUT. If I would have just signed up last week. Grrrrrr…. Here is a prime example of why I shouldn’t have waited.