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A Well Deserved Fun Day..

1 Mar

Life around here has changed A LOT lately for me. Over the past 6 months I can look back and see three new “things” that I’m actively involved in that have been life changing.

1. Running~ and not just “ugh I have to workout” kinda running, but “OMGosh! I can’t wait to get out and go for 5 miles” kinda running. I’m in love, I’m hooked, and I can tell how much healthier my body feels because of this new love.

2. Bible Study~ I’ve led a few smaller studies before, but this past September I stepped up to being a leader for my churches big morning group. I can really see how the Lord is using me and teaching me above and beyond being just a regular attendee to the meetings. He’s growing me and stretching me in ways I could not have fathomed!

3. BIC Bands~ in the past month, my business has taken off. It’s always been my prayer that doors would either open or close, and lately I’ve had some HUGE open doors. This also means that all my free time is now dedicated to sewing and packing orders. AND, this means that as a mommy, I’m extra extra busy.

SO, yesterday, I dropped everything and took my kids out for a day of fun! It was a well deserved day off for all of us. (I think this will also be the “calm” before the storm as I get ready to send off my large expo order at the end of this month).

We headed down to North County San Diego where our first stop was for me =) We swung into the Running Skirts Flagship store in Encinitas. I got a tour of the wharehouse in back~ OH MY! There are SOOO many skirts in there! Rows, and rows of skirts!! I got to see a sneak peak of the new line of skirts that are coming out any day and got to purchase a new black one with pretty flowers (not too sure how many details I can give away~ but the line is GORGEOUS!!! ) I also grabbed a sale skirt and a pair of black compression socks =) I’ll post a full review later~ but needed to throw it out there~ RunningSkirts.com is offering my readers a custom discount on nonsale items! If you enter A Mom On The Run at checkout they’ll give you 15% off your order!! They will have to change it in the office, so you’ll see it as a credit back.

After my pit stop, we headed over to Legoland California for the kids. We had tickets to come back from our trip in December and we couldn’t have picked a better day to go! The weather was perfect, there was NO lines and the kids were great! We went on every ride we wanted to and stayed till they closed at 5. This is a great place to take younger kids~ size wise, the place is great! I’d highly recomend this place!

Ok~ I gotta get~ BUSY day ahead of me! (Got Bible Study, BIC Bands and running on the schedule today~ in addition to all my usual Mom duties!!) Have a GREAT day!!!


Packing for #2

5 Feb

It has been a HECK of a few past weeks…3 birthdays, vacation, training, BIC Bands has become a bit of a big thing, LIFE>…. I was telling myself at one point, I wish I had a pause button on life that I could push, run around catch up on everything, and hit play again. Wouldn’t that be nice? Ah, but alas, God didn’t make life that way…

Here we are, the day before my SECOND half marathon. When I last posted I was asking about if I should run with the hubs or my own race… well, shortly after that he experienced his first running injury and has bowed out of the race. Poor guy! His ankle is giving him a heck of a time, and he doesn’t want to hurt it~ it’s starting to feel better, and I can tell he’s wishing he was running this weekend.

Instead of running with my Man (next time Hun!!) I’m going to get gutsy and run with my friend Heather whose out from Utah to race. She’s a little faster than me (I ran 2:03 at LA) but after comparing our training runs, I think we’re going to be a good fit. I’m also ready to let her speedy legs take off so I don’t KILL myself if need be.

So, I’m sitting here packing and I’m second guessing so many stinkin’ things.. do you get like that? When I ran all my training runs, I just grabbed my clothes and headed out. Now I’m thinkin, what about the sports bra… which one do I like the best, what about this, what about that… UGH! I’m driving myself nuts! I think hubby’s gettin annoyed too! But I think I’ll take his advice~ just go with what you always did. I’m not changing anything up… except for that new skirt that’s going to match my new BIC Bands tank I had made… But I already run in those…

OK~ I gotta get the kids some clean clothes before I head out for a fun weekend, so I best be running….haha! that was funny!


Product Review: RunningSkirts.com RunLove Swift Socks ~ compression socks

22 Dec

It’s been a wet week, and it’s given me LOTS of time to blog about fun things. I got a pretty good response to my arm sleeves review, so I’m continuing with my latest love: Compression Socks!

First of all, let me start out by saying this. I in no way whatsoever think that I am an “expert” in the running field and think that you should all follow my advice. I am still a newbie to this ~ in fact, this week is my one year back into running anniversary! I have only done one “BIG” run, and haven’t used a ton of different products. Like most of you reading this, I am a girl who loves to run, I am not the fastest, I’ve never been the winner, and definitely not the best. Nope, just a Plain Jane runner (who likes to look cute and comfortable!).  You can take my advice or leave it… but I figured I’d put my 2 cents out there…whatever its worth!

Leading up to my half marathon, I had read many a blog post about compression socks. The scientific benefits that are out there are on all sides of the fence: some say they make you run faster, some say they aid in recovery, and still I’m sure there’s even a camp out there that says the whole thing is a bunch of looniness (I think I made up that word… but it works!)

After reading all the info out there on the socks, I wanted a pair~ but for an additional reason….they were a lot longer than any socks I had, and thought they’d also help keep me warm. (I was concerned about being cold for my half marathon). So, while getting “skirted” at the runningskirts.com booth, I also purchased a pair of their RunLove Swift Socks. First of all, the price had me~ they’re only $32 where all the other compression socks I’ve seen run around $45+ a pair. (That too me is A LOT for socks~ but one thing I’ve learned quickly is that running accessories/clothing tend to run on the expensive side!).  They also were PINK and I am a sucker for that color 😉

While chattin with the ladies at the Running Skirts booth, Christy recommended using Body Glide on my toes~ if I was worried about chaffing… (didn’t take this advice…more on that later). And, have I mentioned what NICE ladies run and work for RunningSkirts.com?

Me and my socks rockin' the LA Rock & Roll Half Marathon

Back to the socks…. like I said earlier, I have only run one half marathon~ and I ran it in these socks. Throughout the run, my lower legs felt great. I was warm, but as the day heated up, I was not hot. These also didn’t bug me~ I was concerned that they would be too tight and make my legs get itchy or crampy from the pressure. Didn’t have any of these problems. After the run, I was absolutely exhausted (too be expected after a race) and my entire body was sore for days…. except for my calves!! I am not kidding you one bit~ my calves didn’t hurt at all! Because I’ve never pushed my body before like I did during that run, I’m not sure if my calves would have been achy had I not worn them~ but I was sold. I’ll definitely always wear a pair of compression socks for all my races (and longer runs for that matter).

Like I mentioned earlier~ Christy recommended using some Body Glide and I didn’t think I’d need it. After peeling the socks off (which you do have to do… cause they’re snug) I realized I got a blister on my big toe and second toe (what would you call that toe?). It didn’t bug me a bit during the race- didn’t even know it was there, but I do think that had I put some body glide in between they wouldn’t have done that. (And again, because I’ve never ran that far before in my life… whose to say I wouldn’t have gotten blisters there from a regular pair of running socks?)

Summing it up~ I love these socks. I also think they look super cute with the skirt. Don’t you? I now have another pair in white. My only wish is that they would come out with more colors!  They are currently available in Black and Pink with a contrasting heart or in white with running girls on the side. They are $32 in the accessories area of the website. The recommended care for these (and appears to be the standard for all the items from runningskirts.com) is machine wash cold, hang to dry.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review. This review is of a product I purchased and was not asked to write the review, just thought I’d share. Since you’ve made it this far, don’t forget about my giveaway I’m doing of BIC Bands HERE!

Do you have a product you’d like me to review for you? You can contact me from that button on the top of my blog that says contact me (or just email: amomontherun@gmail.com)

Product Review: RunningSkirts.com arm sleeves

21 Dec

Remember my half marathon I ran? Yeah~ the one in L.A. (if you have no idea what I’m talking about or just want to relive the moment with me, you can read all about it here).  I decked myself all out in some fun new running gear, and have yet to tell you all about the great new products, SO I decided to write some fun product reviews so you can all understand their greatness =).

Up first, is the new compression sleeves/arm warmers from RunningSkirts.com. I purchased myself a pink pair of arm sleeves while at the race expo to wear for my half. I was concerned with being cold at the race, and these things worked out perfectly. I wore the sleeves at the begining of the run, and about half way through the run I pushed them down. And then later, I took them off completely and just tucked them into the back of my fuel belt.

While at the expo, Christy, from Running Skirts, told me they could also be tucked into the pockets on my skirt. Now that I’ve ran with the sleeves since the race, I’ve done this a few times. They do tuck into the pockets, but are a bit bulky in there~ works, but the pockets bulge a bit.

The sleeves come sized S/M or M/L. I ended up with a S/M. The sleeves aren’t too tight. I do find myself pulling them up every now and then~ but not to the point where they’re falling off. I don’t think I’d want them much tighter~ I think it would be bothersome if they were too tight. Hmm…now that I think about it, maybe I need to work those biceps out a bit more… that might help too!

The sleeves are a nice “high performance tech fabric” that is light, and wicks the moisture away to keep you dry, comfortable yet warm at the same time.  There is two layers of the material (one lining and one outside) so when you wash them (cold and hang to dry) they tend to shift around a bit~ after the first washing I thought I ruined them, but with some straightening they were fine (don’t see this as a problem at all~just something to be aware of).

The sleeves also have a thumbhole, which I love. It keeps the sleeves down, and, keeps your hands warmer. On my last run wearing them, it wasn’t too cold and I actually kept my thumbs out and tucked the thumbhole into the sleeve. There is also a small pocket on each glove, on the upper part of the arm. I haven’t used the pocket, but you could definitely store a gel in them.  With all the pockets that come in the skirts, I haven’t had a need for this pocket.

The sleeves come in all kinds of fun colors! They have a set to match each of their fall line skirts.

These sleeves appear to be well thought out and outstanding quality. You can purchase them for $29  at the runningskirts.com website in the Accessories section. It appears that these are selling out fast, so act quickly! The ladies over at runningskirts.com are also great to work with. Wonderful customer service (and nice too!)



On another note: Check out the BIC Bands Non-Slip Headband giveaway I have going on HERE!