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Back on the horse…

22 Feb

I’ve heard a couple of times through the running circle that after a race your body needs a day per mile to recover (this makes me think these back to back guys are crazy!) I could tell the last two times I ran that my body wasn’t ready yet, even though I wanted it to be! Over the weekend we ended up with some crazy weather (snow in So Cal!) and needless to say, a run didnt get in. SO, today, My Man and I decided to go out for 4. His ankles are doing great and I was also dying to use my Garmin again.

It was a fantastic run! I did have some side cramps, which I found odd, but beside that, I was good. The pace was good- I kept joking with my hubby that I ran the half at “this” speed or 10 sec faster or slower or tell him the elevation or grade….I think he got pretty annoyed with me, but that Garmin tells you a TON of stuff (our tuff part of the run was at 10% grade!) I think deep inside he really wants his own fun tool 🙂

So, I’m officially back into running. Thinking I might try some speed training tomorrow. (heather and I met a guy on the bus back to our hotel who really challenged us- told me I had a 1:30 in me if I kept working at it!!! That’s insane! Maybe on an all downhill course!)

On a different note, thanks for all the ideas of where to run! I’m not 100% sure I’m going to be able to make the time share work with finding a local race….but that doesn’t meen I can’t get a hotel!

I’m also really excited for this week because I’m going to blog about some amazing products this week and even get a giveaway in! So stay tuned! Or make sure your subscribed (click that button on the right of your screen) and I’ll instantaniously appear in your inbox!!


Weekend Wrapup

16 Jan

Week in running review:
Tues: 5 mile run w/ My Man. Felt good.
Thur: 5 miles run reversed w/ My Man. Hills sucked on this!
Sat: 12 miles! W/ My Man. Tough run but felt great.
Total miles: 22 (right on track for my 1000 mile year)

In other running news…
I’ve been overloading on race recaps. Between those goofy friends who ran Disney and those that Rocked Arizona this weekend I feel the excitement for my next race building!

Which leads me to my next exciting point… Thanks to my good running friend Michelle, I’ll get to run Surf City on Super Bowl Sunday. I literally jumped and did “the happy dance” (my favorite dance that I do quite often around here). I can’t wait to run my next half! And to top it all off, My Man is going to do it too. He wasn’t sure a few weeks ago, he had the “I don’t know if I really can run that far” thoughts going on but after our 10 miler run he’s feeling it. (The 12 this weekend really confirmed to him that he’s going to rock it!).

Now my dilemma- we’ve been training together for the run and have about the same pace for training runs but when we’ve raced together before (just a 5k) I really liked to push it more than him. Do I run Surf City with him or race it?

12 mile review…

15 Jan

Wow. I was not looking forward to this run. Thank goodness I’ve got my Man as my running partner~ he’s been pulling me a long on days I don’t feel like it. Having a running partner keeps you accountable, and he has definitely done that for me these past few weeks. My husband has this spot he loves to run. It is beautiful, quiet, and serene. BEAUTIFUL place to run. Every time I run through I think I need to bring my camera so I can share the beauty with all of you. The place is great to run…. except for the HILLS! The road leads you down into a valley, and to get to the valley, you gotta go down. It’s an out and back run, so while the down hill is great on the way in, you get the hills on the way out. Ugh!

Today was the longest run in our training for our half marathon. 12 miles. And today it happened to be windy… and the wind like to go down hill, again, great on the way out, but on the way back, we were running uphill into the wind. SUCKED!! BIG TIME!!! But, as with all runs, when you get through it, it SO becomes worth it. I felt like I could conquer the world!

And since we’re training for the Surf City half marathon (which I managed to get in…)  the hills are going to make our race feel like a walk in the park! Here’s the elevation of today’s run. (Which doesn’t look as crazy as it felt…)

You can’t see it too well, but there’s about a 700 foot elevation change from start to finish.

Here’s Surf City’s elevation:

Less than 100 foot elevation change. And, it’s 1800 feet lower elevation, so that is going to be nice too.

Time wise, we kept a 10 minute mile average, but we stopped every 3 miles and fueled up. It was a nice break~ and was also a time for My Man to stretch… his knees and ankles have been buggin’ him. For his LONGEST RUN EVER I thought he did AWESOME! LOVE that he’s out there with me =) Thanks Babe!!

How about you, do you run with someone? And what about training harder than the race~ do you think that’s a good idea?

Oh and one more thing… my nike+ is really ticken me off. The thing shuts off out of nowhere, after the first mishap, I’ve started wearing a watch. Today it did it again, and I think I’m DONE with it. Thinkin’ about a Garmin.  Any advice on which one to get? I’m lookin at the 305, the 310 or the 405’s. I like the size of the 405, but price wise, can get a lot more for my money with the 305 or 310.

Some things I’ve learned and want to share with you!

11 Jan

In the past week, I’ve received so many messages and seen a ton of posts on Facebook of people getting back into running. This makes me SO happy~ I know how a good run makes me feel, so to know that others are getting into the sport makes me stoked! I wanted to take a quick second and share a few gleams of info that I’ve received over the past year that have helped me out tons.

1. If you are serious about getting into running, get fit for shoes. Find a local running store and have them fit you into the proper shoe for you. And I don’t mean an over-commercialized “Sports Depot” type store that pays its employees minimum wage and they really have no idea what they are talking about… For me, my local store is The Running Center (and I know I have a lot of my friends reading this blog~ so go visit the Redlands store. The staff is GREAT!)

As far as shoes…my Mizuno’s work great for me, but might be terrible for you! Each foot is different and you need to have the shoe that fits your foot properly. Throw your desire for “a cute shoe” out the window. Running shoes have a specific purpose, so you might not find your perfect shoe in pink… The shoes are going to be expensive, I’ll save you the worry now… but in all actuality, it will save you tons in the long run~ you won’t find yourself with an injury because you’re in the wrong shoe ~ at that point you’ll have to give in and go buy the right shoes (and maybe even pay for a doctors visit….) Once you’ve got your perfect shoe, the shoe will last about 300+ miles, and after that, go find that same pair online…

2. Find a plan that you can stick to. If you want to run a half marathon and are looking at training plans~ find one that fits your schedule. If you can’t commit to running 6 days a week, find a different one! If you are just getting back into running, I really recommend starting with the Couch to 5k program. ANYONE (seriously ANYONE) can start from here and be up to running a full 5k in 6 weeks.

3. If you have a day that your supposed to run and just don’t want to, do it anyways. I’ve found that the days that I really didn’t want to run, I needed it most. I was going to either sit on the couch and vedge cause I was in a mood, or take the 30 minutes and move my butt! And after the run~ the endorphins start a workin’ and you feel like you could conquer the world! So get out there and move!!

I know I’m still new to this whole running thing (only been at it for a year) so PLEASE share in the comments section YOUR advice for new runners too! And if you’re reading this and are one of the new one’s out there, leave a comment too!

Procastonator FAIL

3 Jan

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a last minute person in more ways than one. Sometimes my “loose” schedule has come to my advantage. Today it has not.

I have mentioned how I’m training for my second half marathon and I was really hoping to talk My Man into it too so I was holding off registering for the race (mind you a good friend of mine is coming in from Utah to run this race-she already registered). Well, after dinner I was chattin with my hubby and he’s just not into the whole race thing. He’s just running to run and enjoy it. So I decided I’ll go sign myself up. Hoped online only to find out that it’s SOLD OUT. If I would have just signed up last week. Grrrrrr…. Here is a prime example of why I shouldn’t have waited.

Weekend Wrapup

2 Jan

Thought I’d start a weekend wrap up to let you know how my week went in the running world~

This week, I really only ran twice :-0! On Tuesday, my plan was for Wednesday and Friday and a long on Sunday, but once I decided to sign up for the 5k race, I only ended up running on Thursday and Saturday.

Thursday I ran the Bumble Bee 5k (recap here). Just found out my official time for the race: 25:15 and I was 14th in my division. This wasn’t a chipped race, so wouldn’t the “official” time be less, being that I didn’t cross the start line as the gun went off? If that’s the case, then this is probably a new PR for me (see year recap below). Cool! That just made my day =)

Yesterday, My Man and I got in our long run. We did 10 miles and it was AMAZING! It was his longest run ever, and my longest run since running L.A. The course is a deserted area of town that I LOVE~ my favorite area. It was a very cold, windy day for us (39 with a cold wind the entire run). We were really concerned with being too cold, but I was bundled up well and felt great. It’s an out and back course, with the hills (steep grade) at the end, which added to the toughness! But it felt good. My darn Nike+ stopped on me, but I was able to figure out that we did it in 1:50~ which I felt was a great time for My Man’s first time and with all the walking/exploring we did too. We are very sore today…but that really good sore, the kind that will keep us coming back!

How were your runs this week?

I also wanted to post a yearly racing wrapup~ so I could have a nice record!

March 2010~ Susan G Koman Race for the Cure 5k (first race ever!) 29:57

April 2010~ Irvine Lakes Mud Run~ don’t know my time~ ran this with my Grandpa and his knee went out so we took it really easy

May 2010~ San Diego Rock & Roll Relay Marathon~ my portion was 6 miles, chipped time: 59:28, team time: 4:23:49

October 24, 2010~ Los Angeles Half Marathon~ chipped time: 2:03:27, Division Place: 199

November 25, 2010~ Oceanside Turkey Trot 5k~ chipped time: 25:03, Division Place: 14

December 30, 2010~ Bumble Bee Foods 5k~ unchipped time: 25:15, Division Place: 14

Don’t you think it’s weird how close my last 5 k times were? And that my div place was the same? Interesting…..

Last Race of the Year~ Bumble Bee Foods 5k Race Recap

31 Dec

So, I’m kinda a bit spontaneous… last week I saw a deal for Legoland (9.99 tickets) and woke the kids up and took ’em (and it was Christmas Eve Eve). My mother in law laughs at me~ she’s a planner (that whole side of the family likes to plan things…) but not me! If I see it, and I want to do it, I go for it.

In running land~ as I was perusing Facebook on Tuesday night, the running skirts team posted their last team run for Thursday~ The Bumble Bee Foods 5k~ which was the run before the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. So, on a whim, I asked my husband what he thought about me running and he said go for it. So, I did! (With really only one day’s notice. See my spontaneity? lol!!)

So, I headed out early Thursday morning, after a rainy and windy Wednesday. I was excited that it was SUNNY! The drive was great. (Got to listen to what I wanted too~ as a mom, this is often a rarity…) Once getting into down town San Diego got myself parked and registered for the run. Found the running skirts girls (not too hard to find a group of cute matching skirts!!). We took a group shot before lining up for the run.


Cute Skirts!

Yes, it’s sunny~ and I know many of you are snowed in throughout the states… so sorry to rub it in… but it was sorta, kinda cold (50 is cold for San Diego….lol!)  The race was the precursor to the Big Bay Balloon Parade, so we got to run in front of all the spectators out to see the parade~ always fun to have people cheering for ya! (And when you run in a skirt, people like to cheer more for ya! Seriously~ get the “love the skirt” comments all the time! Adds to the fun!)

The race itself was flat, and had the potential for me to be quick~ but I think I screwed up nutrition wise… I ate on the drive down, but should have had a little something a bit before the run too. Felt like I lacked the “umph”~ if that makes any amount of sense… I also felt the lungs tightening up on me again~ and I forgot the inhaler at home. I really need to get into the habit of packing that….

Out on the course.

All in all, I think the run was great. I gave it my best, and that’s what my goal was (and always is). The race wasn’t chipped, and to be 100% honest with you, I really don’t know for sure what my time was! (next big purchase here will be a garmin so I can track myself…). I think my time was somewhere around 24 to 25 minutes. At the last .10 I kicked it into high gear and booked it to the end, and didn’t look up as I crossed! And the race site doesn’t have the results posted =/.

Here’s a fun video the awesome people over at running skirts made of the run:

So with that being said, I think it was a fun finish to 2010. I had a great time getting to know the girls at running skirts a bit better, and it was a gorgeous day in Sunny San Diego. Even got in a quick-lunch with my brother and s-i-l. (Killed two birds with one stone!)

I am going to try to get in a few miles today, to loosen up my tight legs a bit. Have 10 miles on the books for this weekend,  think it’s going to be a great way to start the new year! (Hmm…maybe I’ll make it 11 for 2011?)

Happy New Years Friends!! And Happy Running!!