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If you could run ANYWHERE…

18 Feb

Last month was my husband and my birthday’s! They’re actually a day apart so we always celebrate together. This year, my mom graciously gave us a week of her timeshare that she’s traded in~ so essentially, we could use it wherever is available! In thinking about it, we thought it would be a lot of fun to try and find a great destination and while there run a half mary (my new way of saying half marathon…read it on another blog and I like it!).

SO! That’s where you all come in… if you could run any race (that probably has timeshares close by…), which one would you choose? Please help me decide!


2 down, lifetime to go…

7 Feb

Yesterday I ran my second half marathon.  I am still on a runners high!! It was awesome!! I’ll post a full recap later, but seriously, the race was awesome. I went out there with a goal to break 2 hours and I got 1:58:46 according to the official chip time. I am soooo hooked! I can’t wait to sign up for my next one. My girlfriend and I were chattin’ and thinking how cool it would be to do 6 this year, so, now I’m off to find a half in April… Run Through Redlands? It’s close and it’s cheap! Hmmm…. gotta make sure I get a spot and I can fit it in my schedule!

Are you hooked? I seriously can’t wait for the next one! Even though I can’t walk today….

Packing for #2

5 Feb

It has been a HECK of a few past weeks…3 birthdays, vacation, training, BIC Bands has become a bit of a big thing, LIFE>…. I was telling myself at one point, I wish I had a pause button on life that I could push, run around catch up on everything, and hit play again. Wouldn’t that be nice? Ah, but alas, God didn’t make life that way…

Here we are, the day before my SECOND half marathon. When I last posted I was asking about if I should run with the hubs or my own race… well, shortly after that he experienced his first running injury and has bowed out of the race. Poor guy! His ankle is giving him a heck of a time, and he doesn’t want to hurt it~ it’s starting to feel better, and I can tell he’s wishing he was running this weekend.

Instead of running with my Man (next time Hun!!) I’m going to get gutsy and run with my friend Heather whose out from Utah to race. She’s a little faster than me (I ran 2:03 at LA) but after comparing our training runs, I think we’re going to be a good fit. I’m also ready to let her speedy legs take off so I don’t KILL myself if need be.

So, I’m sitting here packing and I’m second guessing so many stinkin’ things.. do you get like that? When I ran all my training runs, I just grabbed my clothes and headed out. Now I’m thinkin, what about the sports bra… which one do I like the best, what about this, what about that… UGH! I’m driving myself nuts! I think hubby’s gettin annoyed too! But I think I’ll take his advice~ just go with what you always did. I’m not changing anything up… except for that new skirt that’s going to match my new BIC Bands tank I had made… But I already run in those…

OK~ I gotta get the kids some clean clothes before I head out for a fun weekend, so I best be running….haha! that was funny!


Last Race of the Year~ Bumble Bee Foods 5k Race Recap

31 Dec

So, I’m kinda a bit spontaneous… last week I saw a deal for Legoland (9.99 tickets) and woke the kids up and took ’em (and it was Christmas Eve Eve). My mother in law laughs at me~ she’s a planner (that whole side of the family likes to plan things…) but not me! If I see it, and I want to do it, I go for it.

In running land~ as I was perusing Facebook on Tuesday night, the running skirts team posted their last team run for Thursday~ The Bumble Bee Foods 5k~ which was the run before the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. So, on a whim, I asked my husband what he thought about me running and he said go for it. So, I did! (With really only one day’s notice. See my spontaneity? lol!!)

So, I headed out early Thursday morning, after a rainy and windy Wednesday. I was excited that it was SUNNY! The drive was great. (Got to listen to what I wanted too~ as a mom, this is often a rarity…) Once getting into down town San Diego got myself parked and registered for the run. Found the running skirts girls (not too hard to find a group of cute matching skirts!!). We took a group shot before lining up for the run.


Cute Skirts!

Yes, it’s sunny~ and I know many of you are snowed in throughout the states… so sorry to rub it in… but it was sorta, kinda cold (50 is cold for San Diego….lol!)  The race was the precursor to the Big Bay Balloon Parade, so we got to run in front of all the spectators out to see the parade~ always fun to have people cheering for ya! (And when you run in a skirt, people like to cheer more for ya! Seriously~ get the “love the skirt” comments all the time! Adds to the fun!)

The race itself was flat, and had the potential for me to be quick~ but I think I screwed up nutrition wise… I ate on the drive down, but should have had a little something a bit before the run too. Felt like I lacked the “umph”~ if that makes any amount of sense… I also felt the lungs tightening up on me again~ and I forgot the inhaler at home. I really need to get into the habit of packing that….

Out on the course.

All in all, I think the run was great. I gave it my best, and that’s what my goal was (and always is). The race wasn’t chipped, and to be 100% honest with you, I really don’t know for sure what my time was! (next big purchase here will be a garmin so I can track myself…). I think my time was somewhere around 24 to 25 minutes. At the last .10 I kicked it into high gear and booked it to the end, and didn’t look up as I crossed! And the race site doesn’t have the results posted =/.

Here’s a fun video the awesome people over at running skirts made of the run:

So with that being said, I think it was a fun finish to 2010. I had a great time getting to know the girls at running skirts a bit better, and it was a gorgeous day in Sunny San Diego. Even got in a quick-lunch with my brother and s-i-l. (Killed two birds with one stone!)

I am going to try to get in a few miles today, to loosen up my tight legs a bit. Have 10 miles on the books for this weekend,  think it’s going to be a great way to start the new year! (Hmm…maybe I’ll make it 11 for 2011?)

Happy New Years Friends!! And Happy Running!!