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Surf City Marathon Review ~ Part 2 ~ RACE DAY!

16 Feb

Ok, so it’s finally time to write out about the “big” day.

Set our alarms for nice and early wake up call of 5:30. I was really a bit nervous the night before that I wouldn’t sleep well (last half mary I kept waking up thinking I had missed it…) but this time I slept great! Heather and I had planned on taking the 6:15 bus to the start, but that didn’t happen… lol! We ended up out the door and on the bus by 6:45. It was cold (I know… I know… it’s So Cal~ it can’t be that cold…) so we grabbed a jacket to check at the start/finish line. I also thought it would be a good idea to grab hand warmers~ you know those bags that you shake up and the get warm? I had bought My Man a bunch for his stocking this Christmas so I grabbed a set. Kept us a bit warmer =)

Heather and I "skirted" up and ready to go!


Bus dropped us off right near the start. It was getting close to start time, so we headed over to check a bag (went very smoothly!) and picked up some safety pins~ there weren’t any in the bag…we missed them on the table… (again, bad expo…)

Got our place in line and got ready to start! I was pumped. Ready to go get my goal.

Starting Out

OH! One thing I forgot to mention~ I left my Auria Exceed Earphones at home~ I love these things and was SO bummed I left them. I heard they were going to be at the expo, searched hi and low for them, and couldn’t find them anywhere. So I ended up with a crummy pair from Target~ and I fought with them the entire time… something I’ll double-check next race!

Yesterday I mentioned how Dane Rauschenberg recommended a 9:15 pace for the first 5k, but after we crossed the timing mat, everyone took off! I kept looking down at my (borrowed) Garmin and realized I was going way to fast, and I needed to slow down! Times around 8:07 at some glances~ but I kept slowing down and probably kept it at 8:45-9:15 (sorry Dane, next time I’ll really try harder!!)

The race was an pretty straight shot~ with a slight detour through a neighborhood and then on to Bolsa Chica wetlands. I felt great through all of this~ I kept looking at the Garmin and finally had to tell myself  NO MORE peeking till you get to the turn around point (8 miles) BUT~ that didn’t happen. The Garmin definitely helped keep me at my pace. I was amazed in the last 4 miles how at times I felt like I was doing great and would look down to see my pace was dropping.

As I had mentioned earlier, one of the things that BUGGED me the absolute most about the race was there were NO clocks out on the course. At about the 10 mile mark a lady was asking everyone, what time is it?  Felt bad for her! I know had I not worn the Garmin I’d have been completely lost! Not sure if this is normal for Surf City (or for races in general) but it’s nice to see the time as you run past mile markers.

After hitting the 11 mile marker, I hit my mental breaking point. I kept having this mental argument with myself: “Come On, let’s just walk” “NO!” “UGH Just One Minute! It won’t hurt ya” “HECK NO! We are not walking! We’ve run 11 miles so far and not stopping now” This mental argument went on for the last couple miles of the race and got quite annoying! I did stop at one of the last water stops and as soon as I stopped I realized it was a bad decision. Hurt worse to stop running!

At one of my “breaking” points when I was just done, I saw the Running Skirts paparazzi, Jamie~ and I knew I couldn’t walk in front of him. He’s on a set of roller blades, and was skating next to me to shoot me for the video. This gave me a bit of an extra “umph” to keep going too =) I’m in their video a few times (this is always a running skirt perk at any race they run~ great photos!)

A few minutes after getting “shot” I again felt done, but who’s off to the side cheering? None other than my coach from TNT~ Dustin. Chatted with him for a sec and of course, couldn’t stop after that either!

I'm going to get a PR! Woot!

I was in for the final stretch. Looked at my watch and realized I was really going to make my time! Saw the finish line up ahead and pushed it. Here’s where I think Dane’s advice helped. At LA R&R I had NOTHING left at the last .5/mile. Here I had it in me to really push it and gun it in. And I did!

I finished at 1:58:46 official time!

They funneled us through and passed everyone a bag full of post race goodies~ really organized and helped keep people moving through. With as unorganized as the day before was, I was surprised with how well-organized Race Day was. It was a well stocked race~ water and Vitalyte all over the place. They also offered “Sharkies” but I thought they were DISGUSTING so I opted for my Gu in my pocket.

All in all~ Race day was AWESOME! Now I gotta figure out how to fit in a few more this year… think I may have a new goal of 6 (or maybe 7 in 2011….kinda like the sound of that…)




Surf City Half Marathon Review Part 1

15 Feb

FINALLY I am taking a minute to post my latest race review~ My intentions of sitting down and blogging on Friday where thwarted by my BIC Bands business. I was blessed with orders, and my goal is to get the product to the clients as soon as I can… so… here we are!

Let’s see… let me start at the beginning. I drove down to Huntington Beach on Saturday to hit up the expo. It’s about an hour and a half to two hour drive for me, depending on traffic. I was being a good runner girl and hydrating the whole way down, rocking out to my new play list and then it hit me….. as I was sitting in good ‘ole Orange County traffic… I had to Pee (sorry to be blunt~ I know my grandpa reads this… but no other way to put it!!! lol) After getting out of the freeway traffic, I got to sit in traffic to get into the expo. ONLY to find out the parking lot was full and was shooed away! (I thought I was about to die at this point!) I had to pull into the state beach parking lot, and had to pay $15 for parking (I know California is broke, but geesh!! that’s ridiculous!) I RAN to the nearest restrooms, only to find out they’re locked (again, CA is broke… so only a few are open….) AFTER finding a usable restroom, I was off to get inline and wait to get into the expo. The line moved quickly, and I was soon in. My friend Heather was waiting inside for me with the number I’d be racing with.

As if I wasn’t already slightly annoyed with the expo so far… to get your bibs, they sent you to the back of the tents. It was packed, hot and stuffy, and I felt bad for the vendors that were along the lines. Once you got your bib, you’d a been a fool to try and get back over to that area~ just a mad house.  Another thing~ non of the “official race help” really knew what was going on. They kept giving wrong info (go get your timing chips checked over there…) and the expo tent was just way too small for an even that size. Or at least, put the bibs up front so you those that wanted in and out could do just that.

I did however, enjoy shopping the various booths. (I’ll actually BE at some expo’s later this year… more info on that in a later post…) There is definitely an excited “vibe” in the air at the expo~ it definitely get’s you pumped and ready for the next day. While shopping, I hit up the RunningSkirts.com booth (big surprise, huh?!) and bought me a new skirt. I ended up with the Haute Pink Ultra Skirt. While visiting the booth, they had superstar runner Dane Rauschenberg signing his book. Don’t know who he is? Don’t stress it! I didn’t either (but hey, I’m still a bit of a newbie to this running thing and really don’t know many of the “BIG” names….) Dane ran 52 marathons (all under 4 hours) in 52 weeks! CRAZY! I did purchase his book and I’m currently reading it. Dane was super friendly, and chatted with Heather and I a bit. In chatting, he asked what time we were looking to get and I told him I wanted to break 2 hours. He then asked if I wanted advice on how to do it. (My thought process at this moment: “Someone who knows what the heck they’re doing wants to give me advice? SHOOT! Of COURSE I’ll take it!) Dane said that the secret to getting my time was to go out slower. Keep my pace at 9:15 for the first 5k and then after that pick it up to 9. Instead of putting it all out there in the beginning, save it for the end. Makes sense, right?

My friend Heather that I run with is an AMAZING photographer (seriously, if you live in or around Salt Lake, hit her up!~ I think my Baby girls newborn pics from 4 years ago are still on her site…) BUT, we didn’t take hardly any pictures =( . We did shoot one shot at the expo.

I met this guy while waiting in line to get our bibs. Don’t laugh~ I don’t remember his name… but he happened to be in front of us for this photo op~ Heather and I also took the pic~ but it was one of the official race shots.

After the expo, Heather and I checked into the hotel and headed out to dinner. We knew we wanted to carb overload and asked the front desk for some ideas. We headed out with a map in hand, pulled into the parking lot and after walking up we quickly realized we were under-dressed for the fancy restraunt… should have realized there weren’t many other Ford Explorers in the lot… lol!

We ended up at Maggiano’s and to forgo the hour and a half wait, snuck a seat at the bar. Had some yummy Baked Ziti and even took home some lasagna for later (that was cool!).

Tucked ourselves in for the night after laying out all our race attire.

I’ll post next about race day, but for now I gotta run. My family is looking at me like they are starving….

Last Race of the Year~ Bumble Bee Foods 5k Race Recap

31 Dec

So, I’m kinda a bit spontaneous… last week I saw a deal for Legoland (9.99 tickets) and woke the kids up and took ’em (and it was Christmas Eve Eve). My mother in law laughs at me~ she’s a planner (that whole side of the family likes to plan things…) but not me! If I see it, and I want to do it, I go for it.

In running land~ as I was perusing Facebook on Tuesday night, the running skirts team posted their last team run for Thursday~ The Bumble Bee Foods 5k~ which was the run before the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. So, on a whim, I asked my husband what he thought about me running and he said go for it. So, I did! (With really only one day’s notice. See my spontaneity? lol!!)

So, I headed out early Thursday morning, after a rainy and windy Wednesday. I was excited that it was SUNNY! The drive was great. (Got to listen to what I wanted too~ as a mom, this is often a rarity…) Once getting into down town San Diego got myself parked and registered for the run. Found the running skirts girls (not too hard to find a group of cute matching skirts!!). We took a group shot before lining up for the run.


Cute Skirts!

Yes, it’s sunny~ and I know many of you are snowed in throughout the states… so sorry to rub it in… but it was sorta, kinda cold (50 is cold for San Diego….lol!)  The race was the precursor to the Big Bay Balloon Parade, so we got to run in front of all the spectators out to see the parade~ always fun to have people cheering for ya! (And when you run in a skirt, people like to cheer more for ya! Seriously~ get the “love the skirt” comments all the time! Adds to the fun!)

The race itself was flat, and had the potential for me to be quick~ but I think I screwed up nutrition wise… I ate on the drive down, but should have had a little something a bit before the run too. Felt like I lacked the “umph”~ if that makes any amount of sense… I also felt the lungs tightening up on me again~ and I forgot the inhaler at home. I really need to get into the habit of packing that….

Out on the course.

All in all, I think the run was great. I gave it my best, and that’s what my goal was (and always is). The race wasn’t chipped, and to be 100% honest with you, I really don’t know for sure what my time was! (next big purchase here will be a garmin so I can track myself…). I think my time was somewhere around 24 to 25 minutes. At the last .10 I kicked it into high gear and booked it to the end, and didn’t look up as I crossed! And the race site doesn’t have the results posted =/.

Here’s a fun video the awesome people over at running skirts made of the run:

So with that being said, I think it was a fun finish to 2010. I had a great time getting to know the girls at running skirts a bit better, and it was a gorgeous day in Sunny San Diego. Even got in a quick-lunch with my brother and s-i-l. (Killed two birds with one stone!)

I am going to try to get in a few miles today, to loosen up my tight legs a bit. Have 10 miles on the books for this weekend,  think it’s going to be a great way to start the new year! (Hmm…maybe I’ll make it 11 for 2011?)

Happy New Years Friends!! And Happy Running!!

RACE Day Recap

1 Nov

I know, I know, I have been M.I.A. Call the search parties in, cause I’m fine….just overwhelmed with being a mom with Halloween and school and the hubby….whoo! I’m getting tired again just thinking about it!

OK. So, on to the recap of my first half marathon!

I didn’t sleep hardly at all the night before the big run…I woke up multiple times, every time thinking I had missed the alarm clock…finally, the 4:15 wake up call came and I crawled out of bed and suited up.We met up with the rest of our team down in the lobby at 4:40 (WAY to early in the morning….but the adrenaline had us going already!)

Way too spirited for this early in the morning!

After taking the fun bus ride up to the top of Griffith Park, we walked about 1/4 mile to the staging area. Hit the first trip to the Porta Potty~ since we were there SO stinkin’ early (about 5:45) the lines weren’t bad at all…yet! We all hung out since we had just under 2 hours to start time! It was a bit too chilly to check my bags, so I waited as long as I could. About 45 till start I found my UPS truck (pretty smart idea!) and dropped off my swag bag. Found the shortest porta potty line I could for the final trip and waited…


Never ending line of porta pottys!

At this point, the crowd is there in full force and it’s starting to hit me, this is really going to happen! I’m really going to run a half marathon! I started to head out to the start line and found my coach and Megan. Dustin was pretty sure that I could get a faster time than my original goal of 2:10 and had decided to pace a group of us to shoot for a 2:00 time.


Coach Dustin, Me and Megan, finding our way to our spot.

Time seemed to have flown at this point~ didn’t feel like an hour and a half had really gone by. Dustin saw the 2:00 pace group up ahead and pushed us up in coral’s (he assured us that since he has a coach bib on, we were allowed to do these kind of things 😉 ).  On the way up, saw many a fellow runners using the VIP potty (bushes off to the side!) Too funny! I guess when nerves kick in, you gotta go! We were ready to start, and so where the 14,000 other runners who joined us for a morning of fun!


And there are only about 5 corals in front of us! (there are 14 behind!!)

The gun officially went off at 7:30 and we were off! Well, not yet, we had to wait about 4 minutes to get to the start line, but it the start was exhilarating!  All these people doing the same crazy thing! We found our pace and we settled in. I was feeling good, and the faster pace was great! We hit the 5k marker in 28 minutes, and were on track for a smokin’ time!

Feeling good!

The weather was perfect! Not too hot, and nice and cool at the start. I ran probably the first half with my arm sleeves, from RunningSkirts.com on~ and once I started to warm up, I pushed them down for a bit and then once I took them off completely, I just looped them through the back of my belt.

I had my fuel belt filled with my favorite Gatorade~ Lemon Lime and had a pack of Power Bar Gels. In my training, I ran with both of these, and knew my body could handle them well. BUT, I had never raced with them before…. and my body DID NOT like them one bit! I kept feeling sick to my stomach and so I switched to water…

I started to feel a little, well, done, around the 9 mile mark. My body was tired and there seemed to be a lot more hills than we had trained for. I started slacking off a bit and my coach was really trying his hardest to encourage me. I didn’t feel like talking much, so a thumbs up became my sign that everything was ok.


Thumbs Up!

Like a mentioned, the stomach was just not feeling it, and I told my coach~ “I think I’m going to throw up!” He says back: “What? You love this?!” and I tell him again~ “NO! I said I think I’m going to throw up!” And he says: “I know, I’m just translating for you~ you love this!” Haha! At the time, I didn’t love it. In fact I really hit “the Wall” that everyone talks about and started thinking, “WHY THE H3!! am I doing this?!!” But, my coach continued to push me (literally on one hill~ kept me going) and told me to find that motivation…find some drive deep down in there…you trained for this, you can do it.

I started thinking about one of my most favorite mentor’s….Linda. My friend who I was running in honor for~ Linda had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and had to fight for her life.  I thought about how I have never had to fight like Linda fought. I never lost all my hair, or had my mouth filled with sores so bad that I couldn’t eat. Linda did NOT have a choice to fight for her life~ she HAD to! I had a choice to be out there running, and through my run, and raising funds with Team In Training, I was helping to one day find a cure for Blood Cancers. Seriously, thinking of Linda got my going again. (even to the point of tearing up…)


Who I ran for!

At mile 11 Coach Dustin had to leave me~ this was his spot to run in all the other members of the team. He had assured me that I was pretty much done, and all I had to do was kick it in and I’d have a great time. As I headed into downtown LA and all the tall buildings I was feeling like I could actually do this. Well, Coach had forgotten about the last hill….(which after the run he acknowledged!) The thing was a killer! I was SO past being done, that I had to walk it. After “the hill” all the other runners really started to kick it in. Me, not so much! I didn’t feel like I had anything left to KICK! I started thinking to myself, where the heck is mile 13?! We started weaving in and out of streets and finally hit mile 13, and shortly after I saw my husband, two adorable kids, and wonderful mother-in-law cheering me on! I had to stop and give them a quick kiss~ and headed in for the finish.

After seeing the kids & my man~ on my way to finish!

This was when it really started to be “worth it.” The crowd was fantastic, the band playing was wonderful, and I was really going to finish my first half marathon! Those running around me started to get a little silly~ dancing and jumping towards the finish line. All I could think to m

yself was, “how on earth do they have the energy to be doing that?!” The red carpet finally came and I threw my hands up. I did it! I did it!

Crossing the finish line was so amazing! Almost something I can’t put into words. It was a cumulation of 13 weeks of hard work, put into a two-hour period. It was all worth it. The wall, the pain, the victory. 2 hours, 3 minutes and 27 seconds of hard work~ all worth it!

I was really, really happy with my time. I beat my original goal of 2:10 by 6 minutes and 33 minutes!

And now, I can’t wait to do it again. This time, I’m hoping to drag a few others along with me….

Here’s a few of my splits for those techy friends out there that want to see how my run went:

  • 5k: 28:00
  • 4.2 miles: 37:22
  • 5.2 miles: 48:31
  • 10k: 55:53
  • 10 mile: 1:32:12

LA R&R Recap Part 1

26 Oct

My goal for my recap is to have a three part Recap~ Part 1 will be pre-run, Part 2 will be about the run, and Part 3 will be post run. But because I have a little ADD in me somewhere (thanks Dad), I reserve the right to jump around a bit =) . So, here goes nothing!

I headed out for Los Angeles around noon on Saturday. I was SO excited while on the road~ called a few people in my excitement (and because as a mom, how rare is it that I’m in the car and can carry on a conversation on the phone with out the kids pulling for my attention in the background?) Traffic was great (big relief~ this is LA~ traffic capital of the USA!). I had set the GPS in the car to get to the hotel and was suprised at how quickly I made it into the city.

Team in Training didn’t hold back at all~ they put us up in an AMAZING hotel~ The J.W. Marriott was located in the LA Live area, right at the finish line. (The joke of the weekend was that I was the girl from the sticks ~because even though I’m from So Cal, I’m in a fairly small and sheltered town~ and I was amazed by all that I was seeing!) The views from my room were awesome and the roof top pool was exciting too (although I did forget to bring my suit~ didn’t really have time for it anyways….)


JW Marriott, to the right of the Ritz Carlton

After running into a few of my teammates, we headed out to the LA Convention center to pick up our numbers for the morning and get all our swag.

While at the expo, I thought about all of  YOU and scored some fun stuff to giveaway soon! The expo was on the smaller side (well~ the only thing I have to compare it to is the San Diego R&R where I ran the relay), but despite it’s size, there were some great products. Thinking back, it was nice to not be SO overwhelemed with all the goodies and new gear available (and to many samples of various protein bars that only lead to stomach aches…)

While at the convention, I found the ONE and only store I was really looking for….. RUNNING SKIRTS!!!  You know how much I love these things… They were there in full force with their new fall line.  I picked out the Black/White Argyle Skirt, pink sleeves and also a pair of the Pink RunLove Swift Socks. My outfit was now complete for the run!

Christy, one of the "famous" running skirt twins =)

After the expo, the team headed out for a pre-dinner drink at the yard house and then we were off to find the Sheraton for our Inspirational Dinner. My amazing coach, mentors and manager were cheering for us as we came into the room (fun!). We were served a buffet of different pasta dishes…CARBS! I was in heaven!

I learned a lot about Team In Training at the dinner~

  • They’ve been around for 22 years (WOW!) raising funds and training runners
  • They’ve raised over $1 BILLION dollars for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (EVEN BIGGER WOW!)

I knew that raising all my funds for LLS was a great thing… but it wasn’t until the inspirational speaker that it hit me. That money was going to save someone’s life. This lady who spoke was given 3-5 years to live in 1996~ and because of a trial study funded by LLS, she’s alive and well, (and has participated in over 20 marathons!)

As our night came to a close, my roommate and I set our alarms for 4:15 to be in the lobby for 4:40 (YUCK!) and attempted to head off to dream land…I didn’t sleep much and had multiple bad dreams about missing the race….

That will have to be it for today’s recap. Tomorrow I’ll get into the good stuff =)