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Going BIG TIME!!

23 Feb

I realized last night AFTER I hit post, how many mistakes were in my original draft =/… I did go through and revise them, but some of you probably received it via email and now think I’ve got terrible writing skills… I thought I’d try to reclaim myself by letting you know I was typing that while laying in bed on my iPod touch… the key pad is small on that thing!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, we can all move on! I’ve mentioned in a previous post that you might be able to see BIC Bands at Marathon expo’s this summer… well… guess what~ it’s almost pretty much official!!! (working on finalizing the contract right now). I was contacted by the owner of a new running apparrel company called Run Pretty Far that will be launching at the Eugene Marathon Expo on April 29.

Run Pretty Far is an “apparel and accessory business specifically for woman’s distance running. [Their] main offering will be performance wear tops with custom graphic designs and illustrations. [They] will be rounding out the line with some handmade accessories and jewelry as well. The entire concept is about translating the qualities of joy, bliss, beauty, femininity, and the delights of nature onto running goods.”  Sounds fun, pretty and cool, huh?!

I’m beyond excited, and busy on this end getting ready to ship a Big Ole shipment of sparkly BIC Bands off to a west coast expo near you…

I’ll keep you posted on the details of which marathons Run Pretty Far will be at, and also try and get some you some sneak peaks/first reviews of their products!