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A Well Deserved Fun Day..

1 Mar

Life around here has changed A LOT lately for me. Over the past 6 months I can look back and see three new “things” that I’m actively involved in that have been life changing.

1. Running~ and not just “ugh I have to workout” kinda running, but “OMGosh! I can’t wait to get out and go for 5 miles” kinda running. I’m in love, I’m hooked, and I can tell how much healthier my body feels because of this new love.

2. Bible Study~ I’ve led a few smaller studies before, but this past September I stepped up to being a leader for my churches big morning group. I can really see how the Lord is using me and teaching me above and beyond being just a regular attendee to the meetings. He’s growing me and stretching me in ways I could not have fathomed!

3. BIC Bands~ in the past month, my business has taken off. It’s always been my prayer that doors would either open or close, and lately I’ve had some HUGE open doors. This also means that all my free time is now dedicated to sewing and packing orders. AND, this means that as a mommy, I’m extra extra busy.

SO, yesterday, I dropped everything and took my kids out for a day of fun! It was a well deserved day off for all of us. (I think this will also be the “calm” before the storm as I get ready to send off my large expo order at the end of this month).

We headed down to North County San Diego where our first stop was for me =) We swung into the Running Skirts Flagship store in Encinitas. I got a tour of the wharehouse in back~ OH MY! There are SOOO many skirts in there! Rows, and rows of skirts!! I got to see a sneak peak of the new line of skirts that are coming out any day and got to purchase a new black one with pretty flowers (not too sure how many details I can give away~ but the line is GORGEOUS!!! ) I also grabbed a sale skirt and a pair of black compression socks =) I’ll post a full review later~ but needed to throw it out there~ RunningSkirts.com is offering my readers a custom discount on nonsale items! If you enter A Mom On The Run at checkout they’ll give you 15% off your order!! They will have to change it in the office, so you’ll see it as a credit back.

After my pit stop, we headed over to Legoland California for the kids. We had tickets to come back from our trip in December and we couldn’t have picked a better day to go! The weather was perfect, there was NO lines and the kids were great! We went on every ride we wanted to and stayed till they closed at 5. This is a great place to take younger kids~ size wise, the place is great! I’d highly recomend this place!

Ok~ I gotta get~ BUSY day ahead of me! (Got Bible Study, BIC Bands and running on the schedule today~ in addition to all my usual Mom duties!!) Have a GREAT day!!!