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Girl Got a Garmin!

17 Feb

After I posted my blurb about wanting a Garmin last week, I got hard to work searching for a deal. The online market seemed to be flooded with the 405 models- which is full of bells and whistles. Because of the excess inventory, the deals are hot. I found one on eBay for a “make your offer” type listing. I lowballed it and he took it. Woo hoo!
SOOO….. My new toy came in the mail yesterday and after charging ‘er up I plugged in all my stats. It was cold and rainy here yesterday so I didn’t get outside. But, today was a cold (40*) clear afternoon. With an Alaskan storm set to hit us tomorrow through Sunday (we might get snow!) I figured I better get my run in today!
I headed out for a quick 2 miles only to be extremely frustrated! Come to find out, previous owner was a biker and had it all set up for that :/. I got back from my quick run and read the manual and really got it set up right now. Gonna suck having to wait to use it (not much of a rain runner…) I’m sure once I get it all figured out I’m going to love it.
And since everyone loves pictures here’s a pic of my like new goody. And since I’m being lazy writin this in bed on my iPod this is a pic from the eBay listing 🙂


Gotta getta Garmin…

11 Feb

This past weekend I ran with my friend Heather~ who also PR’d at 1:51:55. GREAT time! Heather got a new Garmin 405 recently and brought her old 205 along in case I wanted to try it out during the run.I was a little leary at first~ my last run I did I threw a few “new” things into the mix and it totally threw me for a loop (i.e BAD run!). After getting a quick introduction to how easy it is to use, I decided I’d go for it… and I’m SOOO glad I did. I know I haven’t posted the full race recap yet (waiting to get the pic’s all in order) but I was really disapointed that Surf City didn’t have a single clock out on the course. When I ran the LA R&R I could judge my time a bit at the various mile markers ~ but Surf City didn’t have a single one!

The Garmin told me not only how long I had been drudging running through the course, but also my current pace. I was given some expert advice (wait for the recap…) to keep my pace down for the first three miles (9:15) the first 5k and then pick it up to a 9 min pace after that. I wouldn’t have had the slightest idea what I was doing had it not been for the Garmin. And with it’s help, I was totally able to meet beat my goal!

So now I really gotta getta garmin… thinkin I’ll get the 405 ~ I’ll keep you posted how that works out. (I have been all over ebay the past few days…so I should have good news soon!!!)

PS Heather’s a blogger too! Check out her review of her new Garmin HERE!

Me messing with my borrowed Garmin~ Note to self...smile at the nice photographers on the course....

12 mile review…

15 Jan

Wow. I was not looking forward to this run. Thank goodness I’ve got my Man as my running partner~ he’s been pulling me a long on days I don’t feel like it. Having a running partner keeps you accountable, and he has definitely done that for me these past few weeks. My husband has this spot he loves to run. It is beautiful, quiet, and serene. BEAUTIFUL place to run. Every time I run through I think I need to bring my camera so I can share the beauty with all of you. The place is great to run…. except for the HILLS! The road leads you down into a valley, and to get to the valley, you gotta go down. It’s an out and back run, so while the down hill is great on the way in, you get the hills on the way out. Ugh!

Today was the longest run in our training for our half marathon. 12 miles. And today it happened to be windy… and the wind like to go down hill, again, great on the way out, but on the way back, we were running uphill into the wind. SUCKED!! BIG TIME!!! But, as with all runs, when you get through it, it SO becomes worth it. I felt like I could conquer the world!

And since we’re training for the Surf City half marathon (which I managed to get in…)  the hills are going to make our race feel like a walk in the park! Here’s the elevation of today’s run. (Which doesn’t look as crazy as it felt…)

You can’t see it too well, but there’s about a 700 foot elevation change from start to finish.

Here’s Surf City’s elevation:

Less than 100 foot elevation change. And, it’s 1800 feet lower elevation, so that is going to be nice too.

Time wise, we kept a 10 minute mile average, but we stopped every 3 miles and fueled up. It was a nice break~ and was also a time for My Man to stretch… his knees and ankles have been buggin’ him. For his LONGEST RUN EVER I thought he did AWESOME! LOVE that he’s out there with me =) Thanks Babe!!

How about you, do you run with someone? And what about training harder than the race~ do you think that’s a good idea?

Oh and one more thing… my nike+ is really ticken me off. The thing shuts off out of nowhere, after the first mishap, I’ve started wearing a watch. Today it did it again, and I think I’m DONE with it. Thinkin’ about a Garmin.  Any advice on which one to get? I’m lookin at the 305, the 310 or the 405’s. I like the size of the 405, but price wise, can get a lot more for my money with the 305 or 310.