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Girl Got a Garmin!

17 Feb

After I posted my blurb about wanting a Garmin last week, I got hard to work searching for a deal. The online market seemed to be flooded with the 405 models- which is full of bells and whistles. Because of the excess inventory, the deals are hot. I found one on eBay for a “make your offer” type listing. I lowballed it and he took it. Woo hoo!
SOOO….. My new toy came in the mail yesterday and after charging ‘er up I plugged in all my stats. It was cold and rainy here yesterday so I didn’t get outside. But, today was a cold (40*) clear afternoon. With an Alaskan storm set to hit us tomorrow through Sunday (we might get snow!) I figured I better get my run in today!
I headed out for a quick 2 miles only to be extremely frustrated! Come to find out, previous owner was a biker and had it all set up for that :/. I got back from my quick run and read the manual and really got it set up right now. Gonna suck having to wait to use it (not much of a rain runner…) I’m sure once I get it all figured out I’m going to love it.
And since everyone loves pictures here’s a pic of my like new goody. And since I’m being lazy writin this in bed on my iPod this is a pic from the eBay listing 🙂