Weekend Wrapup

2 Jan

Thought I’d start a weekend wrap up to let you know how my week went in the running world~

This week, I really only ran twice :-0! On Tuesday, my plan was for Wednesday and Friday and a long on Sunday, but once I decided to sign up for the 5k race, I only ended up running on Thursday and Saturday.

Thursday I ran the Bumble Bee 5k (recap here). Just found out my official time for the race: 25:15 and I was 14th in my division. This wasn’t a chipped race, so wouldn’t the “official” time be less, being that I didn’t cross the start line as the gun went off? If that’s the case, then this is probably a new PR for me (see year recap below). Cool! That just made my day =)

Yesterday, My Man and I got in our long run. We did 10 miles and it was AMAZING! It was his longest run ever, and my longest run since running L.A. The course is a deserted area of town that I LOVE~ my favorite area. It was a very cold, windy day for us (39 with a cold wind the entire run). We were really concerned with being too cold, but I was bundled up well and felt great. It’s an out and back course, with the hills (steep grade) at the end, which added to the toughness! But it felt good. My darn Nike+ stopped on me, but I was able to figure out that we did it in 1:50~ which I felt was a great time for My Man’s first time and with all the walking/exploring we did too. We are very sore today…but that really good sore, the kind that will keep us coming back!

How were your runs this week?

I also wanted to post a yearly racing wrapup~ so I could have a nice record!

March 2010~ Susan G Koman Race for the Cure 5k (first race ever!) 29:57

April 2010~ Irvine Lakes Mud Run~ don’t know my time~ ran this with my Grandpa and his knee went out so we took it really easy

May 2010~ San Diego Rock & Roll Relay Marathon~ my portion was 6 miles, chipped time: 59:28, team time: 4:23:49

October 24, 2010~ Los Angeles Half Marathon~ chipped time: 2:03:27, Division Place: 199

November 25, 2010~ Oceanside Turkey Trot 5k~ chipped time: 25:03, Division Place: 14

December 30, 2010~ Bumble Bee Foods 5k~ unchipped time: 25:15, Division Place: 14

Don’t you think it’s weird how close my last 5 k times were? And that my div place was the same? Interesting…..

One Response to “Weekend Wrapup”

  1. kimert January 2, 2011 at 5:56 pm #

    Looks like a great race year for you! Good job!

    I think I ran 2-3 times last week. And not a thing exciting to report about either run…the first one was a night run, about 30 degrees, I was cold the whole time and grumpy because it was a loop! haha

    Happy New Year to you! Happy running in 2011!

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