Christmas Wii Woes (and other good stuff!)

26 Dec

Whew, what a whirlwind of 24 hours! We are very blessed to be surrounded by friends and family. All of our immediate family lives in Southern California, and come Christmas, everybody wants to see everyone. Which makes for a fun but at times hectic Holiday! Christmas Eve I spent time with my BFF from High School who flies back from New York to be with her family. We then headed out to my aunt’s house for Christmas Eve dinner (presents #1 for kids). Then comes Christmas morning at home (presents #2), next door to see friends (presents #3) head over to my in-laws to see that side of the family (presents#4) then up to my mom’s for Christmas dinner (presents #4). WHEW! That was tiring just to type it all out! And we’re not even done yet! We have one more set of close friends we’ve got to get together with, but as you can tell, I had a bit of trouble fitting them in over the past few days.

On to Christmas here… Santa thought we had been mighty good, and brought us a Wii! I was so excited, in fact, my husband and I were more excited than the kids~ they wanted to know where the rest of the presents were…lol! Last night after getting back from my mom’s, we spent some good time playing Wii Resort. OhMyGosh! Santa forgot to warn me that the next day I’d be dying! Anyone else have that happen? Seriously, my back and arms are killing me. My husband thinks it’s hilarious… he says it’s how I play (I do kinda get a little into it….. ok……. maybe a LOT into it…. but isn’t that how you’re supposed to play?) And he also thinks I’m a little too competitive (he just doesn’t like the fact that I kicked his tush on the bicycle game…. which is what I think did it to me~ tried to teach The Girl how to do it today and couldn’t manage to… hurt too much!!!)

No, but seriously. The Wii was made for people like me. Why didn’t we get this thing earlier? I was always the kid playing the video game and turning the controller, thinkin’ it would make me move, and always came in last place cause the arrow button was what really needed to be pushed…

Now we’re looking for some good game recommendations. Need something the little one’s can play too.

And just so you know, I think my 3 y.o. DD has definitely got my genes… she was trying to peddle on her own on the bike game and she’s standing up in the living room running in place every time I told her to peddle =) Cute!!!


Onto running land…. this morning, like I said earlier, my back was killing me.  My Man and I wanted to get in a good long run together today, since we had been stuck inside for the past week do to the weather. I just wasn’t feeling it! I knew I needed the run, to stay on track for the half training I’m doing, but my back had me scared. My Man recommended running a bit on the treadmill to see if I loosened up a bit, and I did! So we headed out for a long run while Grandma watched the kids. I wanted to go for 8 and he was leaning for 6~ because it was an out and back, we thought we decide once we got into it. To make this long story shorter… he ended up opting for the 8 miles and I’m so glad he did! It was his longest run yet (which is always fun!) and I felt great! I was full of energy and tackled those hills! It’s always funny to me how one run can totally stink and another, longer run, can have you sittin’ on the top of the world! I think a lot of it had to do with proper nutrition~ today I made sure to get my fuel in me this morning and then lots of water and cytomax and gu at the times throughout the run.

Now I feel sore, but it’s one of those good sore’s. The kind you’re proud of. That good feeling sore that keeps you coming back =) (but my back does still hurt from that darn Wii!!!)


On a completely different note… Have you entered the BIC Bands give away HERE? Today is the last day! You have until midnight PST tonight to enter, and tomorrow morning I’ll pick a lucky winner! Don’t forget, the more that enter, the more that win! One in every ten entry will win!!!


Happy Running!


One Response to “Christmas Wii Woes (and other good stuff!)”

  1. Heather Bird December 26, 2010 at 8:09 pm #

    I think we’re living the same life (today anyway)….finished my 8 mile run earlier and my shoulder is sore from Wii bowling of all things (I think that means I need to lift some weights or something!). Anyway, Merry Christmas! Glad to see were on the same or close to the same training schedule. See you soon.

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