Wet Wednesday

22 Dec

As many of you know, I live in Sunny Southern California. I like it…normally. We get lots of sun, mild winters, and because of that, my family and I get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. NORMALLY!  This has not been a normal past week for us. We have had gloomy, wet weather since last Thursday morning. And it’s driving me CRAZY!

Someone needs to contact Mother Nature and let her know that my zip code is NOT 98101 (Seattle)~ I live a LOT closer to the 90210…. and I’d like the weather to reflect that! Us So Cal people can handle a day or two of rain, but a full week? I’m SO over it!!

I’d like to get outside and get in a good run, but I can’t. I’d like to push the kids out (who are home for two weeks from school) but I can’t. Even my pets are going crazy! My poor cat loves to play outside. He sits at the back door and cries to go out. Once he’s on the back patio, he sits there, and then cries to come back in. I’m going crazy dealing with him! Even the chickens are sick of it! Poor girls don’t know what to do!

I did recently purchase a new treadmill… but now it’s acting up. Thing doesn’t want to turn on unless you give the console a good wack. That shouldn’t happen…. (especially with what the MSRP is on that thing!) Not too sure what’s up with that~ calling the customer help line today. So even my inside run is being jeopardized today…

I’ve tried to keep the kids as busy as possible~ we’ve painted, made Christmas crafts, turned the couches into forts, and watched our fair share of Christmas movies…. not too sure how I’m going to keep them in one more day!

I know, I know, a lot of you out there have an average winter temperature in the 20’s… so I should probably stop my complaining… but at least with the snow you get to do something fun with it. 3 feet of snow makes some pretty cool snowmen. 9 inches of rain doesn’t do anything but make for a big muddy mess! (especially when your on an acre….)

There is hope… tomorrow it’s supposed to clear up. And I’m taking full advantage of the dry weather and gettin’  outta here! Meeting up with my brother and his wife to take the kids to a fun museum. We all deserve a day out!


AND on another note…. have you entered the giveaway going on for BIC Bands? Visit the post here to enter today. LOTS and LOTS of BIC Bands are up for grabs… if you enter!


One Response to “Wet Wednesday”

  1. Rae December 22, 2010 at 10:05 am #

    I hope the rain goes away soon for you!

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