Product Review: RunLove Swift Socks ~ compression socks

22 Dec

It’s been a wet week, and it’s given me LOTS of time to blog about fun things. I got a pretty good response to my arm sleeves review, so I’m continuing with my latest love: Compression Socks!

First of all, let me start out by saying this. I in no way whatsoever think that I am an “expert” in the running field and think that you should all follow my advice. I am still a newbie to this ~ in fact, this week is my one year back into running anniversary! I have only done one “BIG” run, and haven’t used a ton of different products. Like most of you reading this, I am a girl who loves to run, I am not the fastest, I’ve never been the winner, and definitely not the best. Nope, just a Plain Jane runner (who likes to look cute and comfortable!).  You can take my advice or leave it… but I figured I’d put my 2 cents out there…whatever its worth!

Leading up to my half marathon, I had read many a blog post about compression socks. The scientific benefits that are out there are on all sides of the fence: some say they make you run faster, some say they aid in recovery, and still I’m sure there’s even a camp out there that says the whole thing is a bunch of looniness (I think I made up that word… but it works!)

After reading all the info out there on the socks, I wanted a pair~ but for an additional reason….they were a lot longer than any socks I had, and thought they’d also help keep me warm. (I was concerned about being cold for my half marathon). So, while getting “skirted” at the booth, I also purchased a pair of their RunLove Swift Socks. First of all, the price had me~ they’re only $32 where all the other compression socks I’ve seen run around $45+ a pair. (That too me is A LOT for socks~ but one thing I’ve learned quickly is that running accessories/clothing tend to run on the expensive side!).  They also were PINK and I am a sucker for that color 😉

While chattin with the ladies at the Running Skirts booth, Christy recommended using Body Glide on my toes~ if I was worried about chaffing… (didn’t take this advice…more on that later). And, have I mentioned what NICE ladies run and work for

Me and my socks rockin' the LA Rock & Roll Half Marathon

Back to the socks…. like I said earlier, I have only run one half marathon~ and I ran it in these socks. Throughout the run, my lower legs felt great. I was warm, but as the day heated up, I was not hot. These also didn’t bug me~ I was concerned that they would be too tight and make my legs get itchy or crampy from the pressure. Didn’t have any of these problems. After the run, I was absolutely exhausted (too be expected after a race) and my entire body was sore for days…. except for my calves!! I am not kidding you one bit~ my calves didn’t hurt at all! Because I’ve never pushed my body before like I did during that run, I’m not sure if my calves would have been achy had I not worn them~ but I was sold. I’ll definitely always wear a pair of compression socks for all my races (and longer runs for that matter).

Like I mentioned earlier~ Christy recommended using some Body Glide and I didn’t think I’d need it. After peeling the socks off (which you do have to do… cause they’re snug) I realized I got a blister on my big toe and second toe (what would you call that toe?). It didn’t bug me a bit during the race- didn’t even know it was there, but I do think that had I put some body glide in between they wouldn’t have done that. (And again, because I’ve never ran that far before in my life… whose to say I wouldn’t have gotten blisters there from a regular pair of running socks?)

Summing it up~ I love these socks. I also think they look super cute with the skirt. Don’t you? I now have another pair in white. My only wish is that they would come out with more colors!  They are currently available in Black and Pink with a contrasting heart or in white with running girls on the side. They are $32 in the accessories area of the website. The recommended care for these (and appears to be the standard for all the items from is machine wash cold, hang to dry.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review. This review is of a product I purchased and was not asked to write the review, just thought I’d share. Since you’ve made it this far, don’t forget about my giveaway I’m doing of BIC Bands HERE!

Do you have a product you’d like me to review for you? You can contact me from that button on the top of my blog that says contact me (or just email:


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