December 13th?!

13 Dec

Wow! What in the world has happened to time? Seiously, it seems like last week was Halloween… and now it’s the middle of December with 12 days till Christmas?!  Is it me, or as you get older does the year get shorter and shorter?

Life has been crazy busy these past weeks, leaving me no time to blog. But, don’ take that as a sign that I’ve fallen off the running bandwagon~ in fact my husband has been pushing me more than ever. This past weekend we ran his farthest run~ 6.2 miles. He really enjoys trail runs, and because he’s a hunter, he knows some great spots. We ended up in what we call “Deer Valley” and then past an old missile launching site (60+ years ago). One of my favorite places to run! Just gorgeous!! I wish my legs were as excited as I was though…they felt like lead, and where I’m usually the one to be encouraging My Man and pushing him along, he got to play that role and keep me going. Our pace wasn’t too bad, given all the walking~ we finished in 1:04:02, but doesn’t it just drive you nuts, when you know you can do so much better and you don’t? Oh, well, better luck next week.

In other areas of my life, remember those super cute, non-slip headbands that I make called BIC Bands? Well, those have almost taken over around here! I’ve been so blessed with sales these past few weeks~ they have really almost become a full time job around here (well, not that much, but they sure do take up a lot of my time!) I’m really trying to learn how to best balance my time~ to still manage to be the home taker and run this home based business. I’m loving it though, and I’m super excited to see where BIC Bands goes in the new year….

Do any of you run a home based business and have a bit of advice you could share with me to help manage it all? Cause I could definitely use a few hints!

It’s my goal this week to blog few times this week, so I can keep in touch with all of you…so I’ll see you again soon!


One Response to “December 13th?!”

  1. kimert December 13, 2010 at 9:43 am #

    Time flies!! I can hardly believe in 12 short days Christmas will be here. I feel like I really don’t even know where this year went!
    I don’t see how you manage both home and a home business!I am so unorganized I can barely work outside the home and maange any kind of normalcy AT home. lol
    I love my BICbands though so keep on making those awesome little goodies!

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