Rain run!

20 Nov

My Man has caught a bug…the running bug! And he’s a bit addicted! This past week he’s logged more miles than me and if it wouldn’t have been for his encouragement and dragging me out with him, I probably wouldn’t have gotten any miles in.

Today was no different. This morning, he had a goal of 4 miles and he was determined to get them in, no matter what the weather man had predicted. We both agree that we really dislike the treadmill, so if we were going to run, it was going to be outside. We should have gotten up early and headed out, but he was being a good husband and let me sleep in =). When I got up the rain started and he was just as determined to go. Let me just put it out there~ I’ve always been a fair weather kinda girl. Rain, cold, wind, snow….just not my kinda thing! I’d much rather partake in an activity if it’s sunny and warm.

But My Man, he’s a different breed than me. He see’s the rain as a challenge, an adventure~ so he convinced me to go anyways. So we suited up. I opted for many layers: compression turtle neck, long sleeve and a jacket on top. Running skirt, capri tights and knee-high socks (note to self…. need to find some full length tights).  Topped it all off with a warm headband and hat.


Warm and ready to go!


We headed out for the run knowing that if it was really bad, we’d just turn around and come finish on the treadmill.  As we kept moving, I was actually enjoying myself! It was kinda like an adventure. I was plenty warm, and that helped. If I had gotten chilled I’m sure I would have turned around~ but we didn’t. We kept saying, we’re already out here…we’re already wet…let’s just finish! And that’s what we did. And we had a lot of fun doing it. We got absolutely soaked! But stayed warm the entire time. My toes did get a bit cold~ but it was all bearable.


Soaked after a fun run!


After we got done, we were both talking about how glad we were that we did it. We know that if we hadn’t gotten out of the house for a run, we more than likely wouldn’t of gotten a run in at all. We were cold, we were wet, but we had a blast doing it =) Couldn’t have and wouldn’t have done it by myself~ it was great having My Man there.


Thanks Babe! That was fun!!




2 Responses to “Rain run!”

  1. Melissa November 28, 2010 at 8:53 am #

    New here via long legs on the loose. How nice to have a running partner!
    Usually when I am freezing it only takes a few miles and I am hot. lol

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