What to do now….

18 Nov

I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a running funk. You ever get there? It all kinda hit after finishing the LA R&R half. I had spent so much time training for it and then it was over. All in a day~ and after that I really felt like…what next?  I put in a few miles here and there, but I haven’t been super motivated to get out there and run!

I think training with TNT really kept me accountable and the plan was easy to follow. Now, I don’t have a definite schedule I’m sticking to and have no direction…but I need to get on it! I’ve decided to run the Surf City U.S.A. Half in February.  Lookin’ at the calendar, I need to get back on the training bandwagon~ but that’s another area I’m hitting a wall at~ what plan do I want to do? I’m trying to convince My Man to run it with me~ so if he does, we’ll probably train together and if I train with him he’ll want to go for a beginner training schedule. Do I want to try and PR? Or just enjoy it? TOO MANY QUESTIONS! Ahh! My brain is getting tired just thinking of it all. So, on that note,  I think I’ll just go run 3 tonight to clear it….

On another note~ I was given some great products at the LA R&R expo to review~ so look for some great product reviews coming up soon!

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