LA R&R Recap Part 1

26 Oct

My goal for my recap is to have a three part Recap~ Part 1 will be pre-run, Part 2 will be about the run, and Part 3 will be post run. But because I have a little ADD in me somewhere (thanks Dad), I reserve the right to jump around a bit =) . So, here goes nothing!

I headed out for Los Angeles around noon on Saturday. I was SO excited while on the road~ called a few people in my excitement (and because as a mom, how rare is it that I’m in the car and can carry on a conversation on the phone with out the kids pulling for my attention in the background?) Traffic was great (big relief~ this is LA~ traffic capital of the USA!). I had set the GPS in the car to get to the hotel and was suprised at how quickly I made it into the city.

Team in Training didn’t hold back at all~ they put us up in an AMAZING hotel~ The J.W. Marriott was located in the LA Live area, right at the finish line. (The joke of the weekend was that I was the girl from the sticks ~because even though I’m from So Cal, I’m in a fairly small and sheltered town~ and I was amazed by all that I was seeing!) The views from my room were awesome and the roof top pool was exciting too (although I did forget to bring my suit~ didn’t really have time for it anyways….)


JW Marriott, to the right of the Ritz Carlton

After running into a few of my teammates, we headed out to the LA Convention center to pick up our numbers for the morning and get all our swag.

While at the expo, I thought about all of  YOU and scored some fun stuff to giveaway soon! The expo was on the smaller side (well~ the only thing I have to compare it to is the San Diego R&R where I ran the relay), but despite it’s size, there were some great products. Thinking back, it was nice to not be SO overwhelemed with all the goodies and new gear available (and to many samples of various protein bars that only lead to stomach aches…)

While at the convention, I found the ONE and only store I was really looking for….. RUNNING SKIRTS!!!  You know how much I love these things… They were there in full force with their new fall line.  I picked out the Black/White Argyle Skirt, pink sleeves and also a pair of the Pink RunLove Swift Socks. My outfit was now complete for the run!

Christy, one of the "famous" running skirt twins =)

After the expo, the team headed out for a pre-dinner drink at the yard house and then we were off to find the Sheraton for our Inspirational Dinner. My amazing coach, mentors and manager were cheering for us as we came into the room (fun!). We were served a buffet of different pasta dishes…CARBS! I was in heaven!

I learned a lot about Team In Training at the dinner~

  • They’ve been around for 22 years (WOW!) raising funds and training runners
  • They’ve raised over $1 BILLION dollars for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (EVEN BIGGER WOW!)

I knew that raising all my funds for LLS was a great thing… but it wasn’t until the inspirational speaker that it hit me. That money was going to save someone’s life. This lady who spoke was given 3-5 years to live in 1996~ and because of a trial study funded by LLS, she’s alive and well, (and has participated in over 20 marathons!)

As our night came to a close, my roommate and I set our alarms for 4:15 to be in the lobby for 4:40 (YUCK!) and attempted to head off to dream land…I didn’t sleep much and had multiple bad dreams about missing the race….

That will have to be it for today’s recap. Tomorrow I’ll get into the good stuff =)

One Response to “LA R&R Recap Part 1”

  1. RickKaz October 26, 2010 at 8:07 pm #

    I had a bad dream about missing my race the night before the race too. In my dream, I woke up and saw that the sun was up. Not good since the race started at 7:00 and I had at least a 90-minute drive. The dream was very real and actually woke me up, at 2:30. I had a difficult time falling back to sleep, even though I had three alarms set!

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