I did it!

24 Oct

This will be a 2-minute post (cause I’m POOPED!) But wanted to send out a note to all you in Bloggy Land that I DID IT! I successfully completed my first half-marathon today at the Inaugural Los Angeles Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon! When I set out for the weekend, I had a goal of running 10 minute miles and finishing in around 2:10. After chatting with my coach, he knew I had more in me than that and paced me for a long portion of my run (and even PUSHED at one point!) and I finished in………. 2:03:27!!!!! I am beyond excited!

My weekend has been amazing and there is no way I could have ever completed in the time I did, let alone successfully get across the finish line if it wasn’t for my amazing TEAM! Team In Training has been amazing. MAJOR thanks to my Coach Dustin, Mentor/Asst Coach Richelle and Manager, Taylor.

I will post a full recap soon, but just wanted to give you a quick update, since I’m sure you ALL have been checking this page to see how it went 😉

Part of our team before the Inspiration Dinner~ pretty good looking team!

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