A few things….

16 Oct

Where to start, where to start……

quick updates on life around here:

1. Sad day last week in our household as we lost one of our dogs, Daisy, our 7-year-old black lab. So hard to explain to the kids, especially the 3-year-old. She kept asking when Daisy was going to come home. It was an unexpected loss. The family is doing better now~ her best friend, Chase (our 10-year-old chocolate lab) was really bummed for a while, but the kids have kept him busy.

2. 7 days till my FIRST HALF MARATHON!!! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to head out to Los Angeles next Saturday, hit up the expo and party with my fellow TNT friends! I’ve heard they do a pretty awesome pre and post-race party! My anticipated race time is 2:10~ assuming I keep up with my 10 minute mile pace. Thinkin’ that would be a pretty awesome first race time!

3. RuuningSkirts.com just released their new fall line. Can’t wait to check out the new line at the expo next week. Saved up some money to pick out a new skirt….what to get, what to get?! Leaning towards the black argyle one. I’ve got the perfect BIC Band to match =)


Sorry for the quick update, The Girl is pulling on me to color with her…and I can’t resist!


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