Off Topic Tuesday!

14 Sep

Here we are again, in our old familiar spot!

Happy Tuesday Friends! I heard a friend say one time, Tuesday stinks~ Monday is well, monday….we all know it stinks. Wednesday is hump day, half way there. Thursday brings hope for Friday. And Friday is awesome. But Tuesday, poor Tuesday! (All of this flys out the weekend if you’re a SAHM cause we just don’t ever get days off!)

HOPEFULLY we can change all of that, cause I know you all look forward to my Off Topic Tuesday posts!

This past weekend, I had some mommy off time. I was able to attend the Women of Faith Tour in Anaheim, CA. I hadn’t been to an event like that in a long, long time (high school youth group!) For the girls I went with, the weekend was the most eventful weekend I’ve had in a long, long time. And one none of us will forget for a long, long time!

There were a lot of amazing speakers like Michelle Aguilar from The Biggest Looser, Lisa Harper, Luci Swindoll, Sheila Walsh, and musical acts by Mary Mary and Natalie Grant. Natalie was pregnant and is due on Christmas day~ oh, my, goodness! That woman can sing! It was amazing.     

The most memorable speaker for me was Karen James. Do you remember the Mt. Hood Tragedy back in 2006 where 3 experienced hikers were killed? Karen’s husband was one of those men. And she shared her story in front of 12,000 women! Talk about courage and evidence of the Lord working through her life! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the Honda Center after she was done. Karen has also written a book about her experiences called Holding Fast: The Untold Story of the Mount Hood Tragedy. Karen said that her biggest fear was loosing her husband, her love, her life…and it happened. But she’s now able to see how God has had His hand on her life through the entire ordeal and has carried her when she felt like she couldn’t go on anymore.

The entire weekend was really inspiring and encouraging. I left feeling a bit on a “high” and ready to take on the world!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


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