Faster is slower…?!

30 Aug

Today is a much anticipated rest day for me~ Monday’s are hard enough as it is around here, and trying to fit in a run would just only add to the chaos!

Last week, I was stuck to the treadmill for my midweek runs. I really like when the training schedule calls for a certain mileage vs. a time~ the faster I run, the quicker I get done, right? Well, my treadmill works…but it’s a bit dated, and I don’t trust the speed or distance feature (first give away was when the timer was off from the stopwatch…). So, I resort to my Nike + app on my iPod. I kept checkin’ in with it to see the question that always seems to be on my mind during a treadmill run….”How much longer?!”  I had set the + app for a 4.5 mile run. I had .5 miles left and I was going to kick it in. So, I turned up the treadmill a notch (cause it’s on a little slide thing) and start running faster. The + app thing had said I was running a pace of 8’50” per mile until I turned the speed up….and it went up to 9’45” per mile?!?!?! What the heck is that all about? So I said forget that! And went back to the slower pace, and the app went back up and so I just finished the darn run at that pace.

My Nike + set up

Anyone else run with the Nike + App? I know I’ve blogged about it before, and know that the thing isn’t exactly accurate… Maybe I need a Garmin ( just the one’s I’ve seen seem so big and bulky~ not my thing!)


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