On a Spiritual Note…

29 Aug

We all make plans, big and small, everyday. Some days the plans succeed, and some days well….at the end of those days, we often pretend we didn’t make plans. But seriously, I’ve been making some big plans lately. While in my morning quiet time this past week, I read this verse: Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. (Proverbs 16:3) I really felt the Lord speaking to me through this verse~ I got a lot I want to do and the only way any of it is going to successfully happen is if I commit these to the LORD.

 After running the San Diego Rock & Roll Relay, I knew I wanted to run a half marathon, and the only way it was really going to happen was with a plan and commitment. I decided to start blogging, to help keep me accountable to this run thing (need to plan time to make this thing happen and be committed). I looked into different training methods (to help me plan) and joined Team in Training (cause I think they have a good plan…).  I committed to raising funds for LLS and decided to make the BIC Bands to help~ another plan and committment. 

Lots of BIG stuff going on around here for me, and right now, I’m choosing to commit these things to the LORD so that my plans will succeed.  Have you talked to Him about your plans lately? And committed them to Him to help you succeed?

One Response to “On a Spiritual Note…”

  1. Zaneta August 30, 2010 at 1:23 pm #

    I love that verse!! Thanks for sharing it with us!! 😀

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