Running is kinda (sorta) like Childbirth….

28 Aug

Ok, you gotta hear me out on this one. I was on a long drive today and had a “Sandy” moment (my husband always laughs at these moments…) I was thinking about my morning run. It was a great run today. My longest non-stop run EVER! 7 miles in 72 minutes.  This whole training for my first half marathon thing is fun~ every weekend I hit a new mile marker~ what an amazing feeling! For some weird reason my mind started going off on a tangent~ and I thought how running is kinda (sorta) like childbirth….

 A good run~ NO one else can do it for you. It’s a complete mind game that you play with yourself. No matter what the distance, as long as you’ve trained for it, you can totally do it. Yeah, you might feel some pain, but pain is only temporary, right? But the personal victory after your longest run ever….amazing! And so worth it!

Ok, now on to the childbirth part of it….NO one else can do it for you (ok, wait~ unless you have a C-Section….). The labor and delivery can be like a mind game that you play with yourself. (Although I had to have the drugs…) You’ve been pregnant for nine months, took the birthing classes, read all the websites and books, you trained for it! And the pain, it too is only temporary….and the outcome~ amazing.

I must say that I think the outcome of the childbirth is a lot more gratifying, but you get where my blonde mind was going with it, I hope…. Maybe my seven mile run this morning got to me more than usual…

Anyways…..HAPPY SATURDAY! Hope all you out there training enjoyed your long runs today =)

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