Off Topic….Wednesday?

18 Aug
 Wow, The Boy is back in school (first grade….sniff sniff…he’s growing up so stinkin fast!) and I’m getting back into the groove of being a taxi car driver…and Imissed Off Topic Tuesday. I know you all waited so patiently at your computers all day yesterday waiting for my post, so please forgive me. I’ll try hard to not let it happen again, but don’t hold me to that statement, cause I can be pretty forgetful at times. (If you’re a bettin’ one, I’d bet the odds are pretty close to 100% that it’s gonna happen again….)

Grandma Happy at Christmas (need to find her century ride pics!)

Moving right along….Off Topic Tuesday Wednesday….

I was debating what to write about today, and I’m thinking I’m going to write about my original thoughts. 366 days ago the world lost an amazing woman. I can still remember the phone call clear as day, my Grandma had tragically passed away in an accident. My family was devastated. We all had this idea that she would most likely be the first person in our family to live to be 100. You see, my grandmother was the most active 72-year-old woman I have ever known. She walked daily and in her 60’s had done multiple Century bike rides. She hiked the Grand Canyon, traveled constantly… she was just amazing.

Immediately after Grandma’s passing, I was crushed. I was very close to her (had just spent a week with her on vacation two weeks before). For the first probably 4 months I would cry at the thought of her. And then something clicked for me. What good was my moping around? It really really SUCKS that Grandma is gone, but what an amazing legacy she left us with. She aspired to inspire before she expired, and if Grandma could ride a Century  in her 60’s, I sure hope I can train and run a marathon. She’s still inspiring, and is a HUGE inspiration for me in my training. I hope I can be like her. I think I’ll try and get a century under my belt just for you Grandma.

You never know how long you have on the earth before God calls you home. Make the most of what you have with it.  Like Grandma, I now aspire to inspire before I expire.

Have a great Wednesday friends, and hug your loved ones a little harder tonight.


2 Responses to “Off Topic….Wednesday?”

  1. Mom August 21, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    When I first pulled up this email my heart skipped a beat. After reading it, I feel better! Still really miss her.

  2. Tonda August 23, 2010 at 3:43 pm #

    wow what a beautiuful woman she was!

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