Morning Snap Shot

13 Aug

13 days into my official 1/2 Marathon training, and I’m really starting to get into the groove of these early morning runs. Coach has us training 5 days a week (WOW!). In order for me to get my miles in, I’ve been setting my alarm and trying to get out the door by 6. This past week I’ve had to ask myself, it is August right? And I do live in So Cal, right? Cause it’s been COLD in the morning~ down to needing a long sleeve shirt with my skirt in the morning! We haven’t had this cool of a summer in as long as I can remember! It’s been great for training purposes!

Yesterday, I dragged my neighbor E out on the run with me (although we both agreed the snooze button sounded MUCH more appealing at that hour!). I had a 30 minute run on the schedule, and after my quick run the day before, I was looking forward to enjoying a leisurely run. At that early hour, the sun makes its way over the hill.  E and I both commented how majestic the sun rays looked coming over the hill. Something that just couldn’t be captured by a camera. Just refreshing and inspiring.

 The run was a turn around run, and on our way back home, we captured this great image of us. Look at those legs! Them are some LONG legs! So, now I challenge you…take a cool snapshot of your next workout, something inspiring, something funny, just capture it!


One Response to “Morning Snap Shot”

  1. Tonia August 13, 2010 at 9:47 am #

    sweet picture! keep up the good work!

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