Chocolate for Recovery?

3 Aug

I’m one week into my training for my half marathon (YEAH!) and I’m starting to get into my routine of running. Well, today I messed up a bit, and instead of running this morning, I ended up pushing it off till now. So, here I was at 5:30 pm heading out for a 20 minute run. It didn’t feel too hot, but about 5 minutes into it I could feel I didn’t drink enough water today. I made it through my 2o minutes at my usual 1o minute per mile pace, and as soon as I got home, I remembered this study that talked about the benefits of CHOCOLATE MILK after recovery! I don’t know about you, but doesn’t that seem a little weird? I mean, look at all the science that has gone into Gatorade and other performance drinks, and according to this study, Chocolate milk is better for you! Well, I poured myself a glass, and enjoyed it. Not to sure if there is a way to personally test which drink is better for me…anyone have any ideas on that?

And on another note….

did you remember to try to name my headbands? If not, go HERE and let me know what great idea you’ve got. There’s some really good one’s out there. Voting is going to start this Friday, so HURRY UP!!!

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