Team in Training

19 Jul

As most of you know, last June I ran the San Diego Rock ‘N Roll Relay Marathon. I only had to run 6+ miles for my leg and had an absolute BLAST the entire time! I loved the atmosphere, the people, the event…the list could go on and on. I knew I wanted to go the next step and train for a half marathon. While cheering on the sidelines waiting for my teammate, I was standing next to a lady from Team In Training. You could not miss the sea of purple shirts TNT wear, so I had to ask her what this was all about. She told me that TNT is a nationwide nonprofit that raises money for the Lymphoma/Leukemia Society while training you to run for an event. I wanted more info!

In the past month, I’ve googled, searched, researched this TNT thing and decided to go to an info meeting. Last Saturday I went to an informational meeting and decided this was exactly what I need! They have a team training for the Los Angeles Rock N Roll Half marathon (the run I want to run) so I hoped on board! I’m now an official Team In Training Member! Woot! I’m so excited!!

Are you interested? Want more info? You want to train for a half? You can join me! They are still taking new members until this Saturday, which is the “kickoff” for the season. Message me and I’ll fill you in!

My official training doesn’t start until after next Saturday. Can’t wait!


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