Just one of the them days….

7 Jul

So, most of you know that I’m a stay at home mom. I do real estate on the side, but the majority of the time I get to stay home with my babies. Yesterday was just one of them days (isn’t this an old song?…)! Any of you moms out there can surely identify with me~ before 11 am both of my kids had driven me to the edge! The Girl had spent way to much time in her room in time out, the Boy made a few bad choices too, and I have this real estate deal that just will not close….My Man called me about 11:15 and I vented…and told him that as soon as he got home I HAD to get out the door for a RUN!

Well, he got home and this led to that and by the time I had my running shoes on and my new running skirt  on it was almost 6:30~ I was ready to call it off, but My Man is so good to me. He told me to go, and that I needed to get out of the house (was it THAT apparent?!).

SO….I took 30 minutes to myself. I am always amazed at what a mood changer a good run can be. I got back to the house (and I also must add that I was able to drop my time a bit too) and I actually liked my kids again! They started to bicker again, and it didn’t set me off like it did earlier. Yes, dinner was really late that night, but Mommy was happier and I think that is much more important!


2 Responses to “Just one of the them days….”

  1. rebecca July 7, 2010 at 9:45 am #

    your honesty is so refreshing Sandy ~ I need to get running again! you are so right when you say it’s a total mood changer!!

    • amomontherun July 8, 2010 at 11:41 am #

      Thanks =) Mood changing is my top reason to run.

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