Up and Running…

2 Jul

We’re getting ready to head out for the weekend to celebrate the Fourth and I know I’m not going to be able to get any runs in (going to Lake Havasu~ I’m pretty sure it’s 100 at 6 a.m.). So I set my alarm for 5 to get up, get my Bible Study done early and get out for a quick run. I ended up hitting snooze (about 3 times cause my eyes did not feel like being open yet).

Finally I rolled out of bed and grabbed my coffee and tried to wake up a bit. Finished my study and was out for a run at 6. I decided I was going to go for a short run, and on the last half I decided I was going to kick it. Felt like I was really bookin’ it and thought I’d get my average pace up, and maybe even get new “fastest mile”. I use the Nike Plus app on my iPod and when I got back in the driveway at home and hit end workout…MAJOR let down….my pace was only 3 seconds faster. That’s it? THREE SECONDS? Well that stinks~ kicked it and pushed myself and to me~ that 3 seconds was not worth it.

Here’s my stats for the day according to my Nike+:

29:53 duration 2.93 miles 10’10/mi

Note to self~ just run your normal run and actually enjoy it~ that’s kinda why you run in the first place!


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